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How It All Started :    
The solemn initiation of the notion to help ascended few months back, when few deaths occurred due to inadequacy and inappropriate medical assistance, accessibility and blood transfusion. We realized that quality health treatment, medical facilities and easy blood transfusion is the need of every human body and only few are jovial and lively in fulfilling this great need. An organization is recognized only by the impact that it has on the society.

Particularly for the victims of poverty and needy, to propitiate their needs. This philanthropy of our Trust will help to decapitate the adversities of needy people. Our Trust fund may be augmented by the income from the initial fund and also by donations and other contributions from time to time.

SBDVCT works with the motivation to facilitate educaitonal and total medical care through public-private partnership. The intention to inaugurate this trust involves an unselfish concern to help needy people in requisites of education, health promotion and prevention of diseases. We strictly pursue five principles behind this social cause: Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Transparency and Happiness. We strongly believe that we can achieve our goals if we bring in needy people to our free health care, quality medical treatments and other social activities.
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