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 Education Support:    
  Education is a birth right of every child. Education is also the single biggest donation that can empower a person to help him as well as others. An all-round education leads to better people, community, society and hence a country. India is a country where thousands of children are deprived of proper basic as well as higher education. It is a matter of great importance that all of these directly and indirectly get support for education. We at SBDVCT have made it our priority to focus more on education and provide support at different levels. We understand that every small act of giving for cause of education will someday produce thousands of givers who can pass on similar benefits to many in need.  
 Blood Donation Camps :  
  Donating blood is a generous act which cannot be substituted with anything else, moreover it does not hurt the donor. It is a good stage to refer to a famous quote, “Blood Owners Should Be Blood Donors.” One can donate blood 168 times between the age of 18 - 60 years. Few minutes of your time may mean life-time for someone else. Donate your blood and make a difference, find a need and fill it. Blood is that fragile scarlet tree we carry within us. Blood can be needed anytime, so we periodically organize Blood Donation Camps to meet the emergency requirements for needy patients and give them a chance to live with a little improved quality of life. Patients afflicted with some disease are dependent on blood transfusion throughout life and hence it is vitally important to schedule the blood donation camps to replenish the scarcity. We believe “by keeping the bloodline flowing, we will greatly contribute towards a healthier, happier society.”  
 Free Medical Checkup Camps :   View Photos
  SBDVCT conduct Free Medical Camps to evoke a phenomenal response from economically backward and socially deprived individuals by providing them the general medical treatment from qualified medical experts. It aims to eradicate the inadequacy and misappropriation of medicare by providing free medical and surgical treatments to the poor and the needy ones. Our team comprises of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and volunteers who operate during the camps with their immense potentiality to serve the needy individuals.  
 Mediclaim for Deprived Families :  
  Your family deserves the best especially when it comes to medical care. With medical expenses touching the sky, we help you meet hospitalization costs. We help needy and poor to become free from financial worries so that they can give their full attention to their loved ones. As a patient, you and your family should be aware of your rights as well as responsibilities when unfortunately faced with the medical contingencies. We provide assistance regarding mediclaims to deprived and downtrodden people.